Much Ado About Nothing

The first purpose a true education must fulfill is the training of the mind.


Classical Curriculum

The end of all our efforts at Holy Rosary Academy is to produce holy men and women.  Through careful attendance to their day-to-day activities we foster in them virtue formed from well-developed habits in manners, speech, and dress.  We feed their soul with theology courses, the sacraments, and other Catholic devotional exercises.  We strengthen their minds with the classical thoughts and works of the greatest thinkers throughout the ages.  By engaging our students through conversation and urging them to reflect on nature and humanity around them, our student scholars become fully informed citizens capable of continuing to grow in the love of truth, goodness, and beauty.  Ultimately, we hope that they grow most steadfastly in their relationship with God and consequently wish to serve their neighbor in charity.

A traditional approach to the study of the liberal arts distinguishes Holy Rosary Academy students. Their early years are spent absorbing facts, the middle years analyzing and making connections, and the high school years learning to express themselves. The middle and secondary school faculty employ the Socratic method of inquiry to foster discussions in search of the Truth. Seminar-style classes instill in the students a sense of respect for human discourse.

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