Upon receipt of our application(s), our Business Manager, Miss Danielle DiCiero, will contact you to set up a Tuition Payment Plan and to answer any of your questions.

* To apply for financial aid, go to Covenant Tuition Services;

Covenant Tuition Services

* You may begin the financial aid process before you have applied.

HRA Discounted                                       HRA No Obligation
Tuition Plan*                                              Tuition

Grade Level:
K-6      $5,000.00                                       $7,650.00
7-12     $6,200.00                                       $8,850.00

Discounts for enrolling more than one child are taken from the children’s selected tuition:

First child: Full price (still eligible for financial aid)        Third child:    $1,000.00
Second Child:    $750.00                                             Fourth child: $1,500.00

All parents receiving the discounted tuition plan must participate in all of the following ways:

  1. Share Hours: The parent(s) agree to perform 40 hours of service to the school (20 hours for single parent families). The 40 (or 20) hours requirement remains fixed, regardless of how many children are enrolled in the school. The hours of service are referred to as “Share Hours”. Share Hours must be recorded on a regular basis by the parent on the Share Hours forms located in the Kolbe Building. Payment for deficit Share Hours shall be assessed at the rate of $20.00 per hour, with appropriate adjustments made for fractional hours and billed to the parent. 
  2. Participation in the school’s Annual HRA Auction: Participation is currently defined as any one of the following: the securing of auction items totaling at least $500 in value; the purchase or sale of admission tickets to the auction totaling at least $500 in value, or working on the auction under the direction of the Auction Chairperson, with said Chairperson certifying that the obligation has been met. The obligation can also be met with any combination of the above three, totaling $500. Payment for the unfulfilled Auction obligation shall be billed to the parent following the auction event.
  3. Participation in the school’s Annual HRA Raffle: Participation is currently defined as the sale of 50 ($20.00) raffle tickets (25 for a single parent family). (For families of a religious faith other than Catholic, who have moral prohibitions against any form of gambling, alternative financially equivalent arrangements can be made with the consent of the Principal to satisfy this obligation.)  Payment for unsold raffle tickets shall be billed to the parents at the end of the raffle. 
  4. Participation in the school’s Annual Fund Drive: Participation is defined as the raising or donating of $250.00 for our annual fund drive. This obligation can also be met by increasing participation in the raffle or auction by $250.00.

Included with the application is the following one-time fee for testing and processing the application:

Application Fee $150.00 (This fee is waived for Kindergarten and First Grade students)

The following fees are paid upon acceptance to the school:

  1. Enrollment Fee $250 (Annual fee)
  2. Parent Association Fee $50 per child. (Annual fee for school supplies)
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