Moral Life

Along with planting the seeds of the intellectual virtues, our school also has as its end the fostering of the moral virtues.  Teachers encourage and promote the good habits that parents have inculcated, deriving their authority from the consent of the parents for that end.  The students are urged to strive after virtue by:

  • Taking care of their appearance
  • Speaking respectfully to adults and to each other
  • Participating in school sports teams, clubs, and social gatherings
  • Assisting in keeping the school clean and tidy

Spiritual Life

Faith, hope and charity are the work of God’s grace, chiefly through the sacraments of His Church. Hence, students are encouraged:

  • To pray before every class
  • To participate actively in the sacramental life
  • To pray the Rosary and other Catholic devotional exercises
  • To participate in Catholic and private charities in the community

Chapel Decorum

Decorum, conduct, and all aspects of student behavior in the Holy Rosary Chapel are governed by the Catholic belief in the Real Presence (Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity) of Jesus Christ in the tabernacle.  The presence of Jesus in this special way makes the Chapel the most sacred and holy place on the HRA campus. Thus the student conduct in Chapel must always be reverent and reflective of the awesome presence of Christ himself.

Upon entering and leaving the HRA Chapel, all students are required to genuflect on their right knee.  Catholics do this as an act of faith.  Non-Catholics are expected to follow our practice out of respect for their Catholic brothers and sisters and for the sake of uniformity, but not as an act of faith.

Apostolic Work

The study of books cannot end with books. It must be transferred from the classroom into daily life and manifest itself through a profound respect for every person.

To that end Holy Rosary Academy inculcates in her students the following virtues:

Civility – modest dress, respectful language, voluntary stewardship of the school.

Piety – prayer, weekly mass, daily rosary, first-Friday adoration.

Charity – monthly community service, monthly collections for local needs.

School Prayers                  Formulas of Catholic Doctrine

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